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Inman Aligner

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Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is designed to correct adult relapse and misaligned teeth. It is barely visible, apart from a single clear wire, and it is a removable orthodontic appliance, allowing the wearer to go brace-free for important occasions. The Inman Aligner is similar to a retainer but has these advantages:

  • Can correct moderate crowding and rotation of teeth
  • More comfortable to wear as the spring is made of nickel titanium rather than stainless steel
  • No retention problems

It also has advantages over invisalign:

  • Less hassle and expense in a shorter period of time
  • Achieve great results with just one appliance

How does it work?

The Inman Aligner uses a lingual coil spring that puts pressure at the back of the teeth that need repositioning.

A bar placed across the front of the teeth reverses the same pressure.

These components work together to "squeeze" teeth together by pushing and pulling them into alignment.

How long does it take?

Fitting the aligner takes two half-hour appointments, followed by 15-minute monthly examinations.

Treatment can be achieved in as little as 8 to 16 weeks.

Discover the options, costs and alternatives for a straighter, more confident smile.

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Nishan MJ – Greenford Having lived with crooked teeth for many years, I finally decided to have them straightened. Dr Dixit explained the Inman aligner to me, a removable brace which I can take in and out. This sounded perfect as I did not want a fixed brace. I wanted straight teeth in as little time as possible. It was very comfortable and the results were so fast that I could see a difference within a couple of weeks.

The care and attention to detail that I received from Dr Dixit and his team was outstanding. Had I known it was so quick and easy, I would have had it done much sooner.

Thank you for giving me a lovely smile!

MJ – Greenford 4.5
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