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Dr Dixit is the new President of British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Nishan Dixit

Dr Nishan Dixit

Dr Nishan Dixit is the founder and principal dentist of Blue Court Dental. Patients enjoy his relaxed, friendly and gentle approach while experiencing his meticulous attention to detail. He has a special interest in providing smile makeovers, natural-looking white fillings and cosmetic braces, but also provides a range of treatments from preventative and general dental care to complex dental rehabilitation.
Dr Nishan Dixit

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It’s with great pleasure that we can announce that our very own Dr Nishan Dixit is the new  President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Being President of such a prestigious organisation is an incredible honour and privilege. It is also testimony to his dedication and passion to the profession of dentistry that he was elected to be the figurehead of the Academy.

The BACD is a world-leading authority on cosmetic dentistry and was formed in November 2003 by a group of dentists, many of them leading practitioners in the field of cosmetic dentistry, who saw a need to share their knowledge with others. Their aim was to create a dynamic, active group of dental professionals and an environment where everyone can come together to share their knowledge and experiences, so that everyone can become better at what they do – regardless of their level of prior knowledge.

IMG_1309The BACD aims to promote clinical excellence through continuing professional development, and undergoing peer review to ensure that any clinical dental work is up to the highest standards.

By visiting a dentist that is a member of the BACD, let alone President, you can be assured that your cosmetic dentist will be working to the highest standards.