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Dr Nishan Dixit

Dr Nishan Dixit

Dr Nishan Dixit is the founder and principal dentist of Blue Court Dental. Patients enjoy his relaxed, friendly and gentle approach while experiencing his meticulous attention to detail. He has a special interest in providing smile makeovers, natural-looking white fillings and cosmetic braces, but also provides a range of treatments from preventative and general dental care to complex dental rehabilitation.
Dr Nishan Dixit

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There you are a range of Six Month Smiles videos that have been uploaded to the Internet and so to help you in your search we thought it was a good idea to post a few of them here. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary new orthodontic technique which allows you to have tooth coloured braces that can move your front teeth into a more cosmetic and aesthetically pleasing alignment.

Up until recently the only option for braces was to have the metal train track type – well, no longer is this the case with 6 Month Braces.

Our dental practice is the only provider of Six Month Braces in Harrow
This first video shows what can change in six months…

People are often asking for personal reviews of six months braces and how this treatment could work for them as an individual. Here is one such story of Mia who underwent straight teeth treatment with six month smiles.

Another video on six-month smiles

This video shows some patient reviews of the treatment, and then talks to a dentist about the treatment with braces and whether it could be right for you.

The Videos above have been taken from the six month smiles YouTube channel, however here is another video, again taken from YouTube, but this time taken from a private channel of a happy patient having six-month smiles… Here she gives her own case review.