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A cosmetic dentistry article by Nishan Dixit

Thursday, 19th June , 2014

As a board member and scientific director and education chair of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, our very own Dr Nishan Dixit is often asked to publish articles on successful cases so that others in the dental profession can learn from his successes. Here is one such article published in The Dentist, Issue 76,  April 2014.

A Happy patient

Nishan Dixit describes a non-invasive composite restoration using a multi-layer technique.


Pre treatment

Pre treatment

67 year old male patient presented with a lingual cusp fracture in his lower right first pre-molar, which had an old amalgam restoration. He was not experiencing any pain, but was aware of the rough edge. Since the fracture had occurred, the patient had also become more self-conscious about the discolouration of the tooth.

The treatment options were discussed with the patient. The tooth could either be restored with a direct composite or an indirect laboratory-manufactured restoration. The patient decided on the composite option, as this would provide a more immediate and less disruptive solution. I prefer to offer composite treatment, rather than more invasive procedures, when the clinical situation allows. This is more affordable for the patient, and the durability of the material makes it a realistic long-term alternative.




Having been a provider of cosmetic dentistry for almost 20 years, I have observed a number of improvements in materials. Long-term studies have proved the reliability of modern composites. The latest developments have produced composites that are more resistant to wear and have better colour stability, combined with reduced polymerisation shrinkage rates.

Composite selection

For a number of years,I have used the Heraeus Venus range of composites exclusively, due to their handling properties and the results achievable. For this case, I chose to use Venus Pearl. It gives high aesthetic outcomes using a multi-layer technique, providing excellent colour adaptation and a natural finish. The material is easy to use, masks well and is highly sculptable and polishable. Compared with earlier technologies, the cured  composite is more flexible under stress and more durable over time.

Venus Pearl includes super-fine nano-hybrid filler particles. This provides even more natural light refraction and supreme aesthetic appearance, combined with a creamy application.

Treatment and outcome

At the treatment appointment, local anaesthetic was administered and the tooth was isolated with rubber dam and a clamp system. The old amalgam restoration was removed and the cavity was rendered caries free. The preparation margins were smoothed and the enamel margins bevelled. A matrix band was then adapted to the tooth. The prepared cavity was etched with 37 per cent phosphoric acid using a total etch technique. The cavity was thoroughly washed, gently dried and primed. Then a bonding agent was placed and polymerised.

Venus Pearl OMC (Opaque Medium Chromatic) was applied to the cavity in 2mm increments. The composite was adapted to the cavity, using a microbrush in a ‘patting’ motion, then polymerised . Approximately 20 per cent of the cavity was filled with OMC and the remaining 80 percent was filled with the Venus Pearl A3 shade. The build-up of the composite was done on a cusp-by¬cusp basis, gradually creating the tooth shape and fissure pattern. During the incremental build-up a small amount of dark brown stain was applied in the fissure areas using an explorer.

Finally, the restoration was polished with Venus Supra discs and a silicone carbide brush. The outcome was a restoration with good aesthetics, achieved with minimum loss of tooth substance and completed in one short visit. The patient was extremely pleased with the end result, leaving him feeling like he had “a new, natural-looking tooth”. He had absolutely no post operative sensitivity or pain. Subsequent recall appointments have shown this has continued to be the case. The treatment has left a healthy tooth and a happy patient.

Practice Update

Wednesday, 14th May , 2014

Dr Nishan Dixit recently attended The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s (AACD) annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The conference, AACD 2014, took place April 30-May 3 and was the Academy’s 30th anniversary scientific session. Dr Nishan Dixit had access to multiple hands-on workshops and lectures during the conference, which was attended by an estimated 1,700 dental professionals.

The conference is cosmetic dentistry’s premier event, with some of the world’s most well-known dental educators, live dentistry, access to the latest cosmetic dentistry innovations in the AACD Exhibit Hall, and much more.

Dr James Hastings, the current AACD President said:

“By attending AACD 2014, Dr Dixit is not only showing his commitment to education and the cosmetic dentistry field, but to his patients, the education he received in Orlando will help him provide the best care to those he cares about the most.”

Blue Court Dental’s Golden Achievement

Monday, 13th May , 2013

_MG_2207_Blue Court Dental Centre


The team from Blue Court Dental enjoyed a golden hour of celebration last month when they attended an exclusive reception at the British Dental Conference and Exhibition in London. The reception was held to celebrate dental practices which had achieved at least ten years or more membership of the British Dental Association’s Good Practice Scheme, known as Gold Membership.


Blue Court Dental’s achievement has also been recognised in a celebratory publication that includes a profile of all practices with Gold Membership.


At the reception in London the practice teams were presented with a copy of the brochure by the President of the British Dental Association, Dr Barry McGonigle, and had the opportunity to meet fellow professionals from across the country.


Dr McGonigle said:


“A practice’s membership of the BDA’s Good Practice Scheme demonstrates its whole team’s commitment to high standards, delivering high-quality, patient-centred care and the pursuit of excellence.


“The practices that we are celebrating this year have not only achieved the required standards for membership of the Scheme, they have maintained them for at least ten years. This is a significant accomplishment and I offer my sincere congratulations to the teams at each of these practices.”


Dr Dixit said “We are very pleased and proud to be the only practice in Harrow and Middx to have achieved this standard, demonstrating our compliance with the Good Practice Scheme for 12 consecutive years.”


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